Lord Licorice (Candy Land) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Lord Licorice’s Costume from Candy Land

Lord Licorice Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red top Start with this red top.
2 Black Vest Wear a vest over the red top.
3 Black Tights Then pair the top with black leggings.
4 Red Socks Pair the tights with red socks.
5 Black Shoes You may also wear this pair of dress shoes.
6 Red Wig Then tp your look with a red wig.
7 Hat Wear a hat on top of the wig, too.
8 Cane Get a cane and decorate it.
9 Red Ribbon You may wrap red strips over the cane.

Lord Licorice’s attire is composed of the classy color way of red and black. You can start off with a red top then layer it with a black vest. Pair the top with a pair of black tights and red socks, too. Nail the outfit with a red wig and matching cane!

About Lord Licorice

Lord Licorice is villain in the game of Candy Land. It is a board game that has been adapted into a film. Lord Licorice is an antagonist who stole Princess Lolly’s scepter. His powers include Dark Magic and Manipulation. He has a group of minions called the Bites.