Dress For the Brazil Carnival

It’s the biggest party on the side of Rio! The Carnival of Brazil would probably the most well-known and the biggest celebrate carnival of today. People flock to Rio de Janiero just to experience the humongous celebration that is the Carnaval.

Like many carnivals, the Carnival of Brazil is celebrated before the fasting season of Lent. But let’s be honest, most people are in it for the dazzling costumes and wonderful displays.

How to Dress for the Brazil Carnival – Women

If there is one thing the Carnival of Brazil is known for, it’s for their beautifully dressed women. Think large feather wings and intricately designed bikinis and you’d probably have a good idea of what the women look like.

1. Go for Gold

brazil carnival gold

Dazzle the crowd with your bright, gold number!


2. Cheers to Orange and Green

brazil carnival orange green

Channel the island paradise vibe with a beaded ensemble!


3. Bold and Bright

brazil carnival bold bright

Wow the people with your shiningly detailed get-up!


4. Woman Wonder Wows

brazil carnival wonderwoman

Take inspiration from superheroes, and create a Wonder Woman costume!


5. Liivin’ for Simple

brazil carnival simple

Shiny crystals and gigantic feathered wings aren’t needed to look great for the parade!


Know what costume you want to wear? Check out the list below for what you might use:

Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Feather Carnival Headdress Wear your headdress and be part of the parade!
2 Carnival Belly Dance Suit Join and wow the crowd with this belly dance suit.
3 Face Gems & Glitter Bedeck your face in all the glittering glory!
4 EVA Foam You might need the foam to construct your costume.
5 Colorful Feathers Use the feathers to create your wings!

How to Dress for the Brazil Carnival – Men

Women aren’t the only participants of the Carnival of Brazil, especially now that the LGBT community loves to join the party. Men could wear whatever they want and have just as much fun as everyone else!

1. Golden Warrior

brazil carnival gold warrior

Add a touch of Roman toughness with this attire!


2. Face Paint Fun

brazil carnival face paint

Go with a simpler outfit and paint your face for more fun!


3. Dark and Neon Combo

brazil carnival dark neon

Balance the dark parts of your costume with ultra-bright colors!


4. Down to Dance

brazil carnival dance

Create a costume made for moving around!


5. Join the Color Party

brazil carnival color

Wear wacky outfits that are bright and fun!


An idea is starting to blossom? Check out the list for stuff you might have to buy:

Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Gladiator Costume Release the warrior in you with this costume set.
2 Rainbow Umbrella Double the use: part of your costume plus protection from rain!
3 Glow in the Dark Paint Have all the bright fun with glow in the dark paint
4 Face Paint Paint your face however you want!
5 Classic Clown Hat Make people laugh with your adorable clown hat!

How to Dress for the Brazil Carnival – Kids

While people might argue that the Carnaval is a mostly adult party, the day parades can be joined by your kids. So make sure they’re dressed up!

1. Visions in Hot Pink

brazil carnival hot pink

Look bright and ready with this hot pink ensemble!


2. Purely Musical

brazil carnival music

Simple costumes are alright, especially if you’re already performing with your instrument!


3. The Rainbow Group

brazil carnival rainbow

Shine bright and channel the rainbow with your group of friends!


4. A Trio of Blue and White

brazil carnival blue white

Walk the parade and win over the crowd with your cuteness!


5. Prism Princesses

brazil carnival prism princess

Wear all the colors you want and just have fun!


Ready to make your kid’s outfit? Look at the list below for more inspiration:

Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Kids Flowy Skirt Let your little girl wear a flowy skirt to the parade!
2 Kids Shiny Top & Skirt Combo Be ready to dance the salsa in this shiny number!
3 LED Costume Wings Have fun with light-up wings!
4 Baby Brazil Bodysuit with Tutu Celebrate the Carnival of Brazil with this cute Brazil bodysuit!

About the Brazil Carnival

The Carnaval do Brasil is the largest carnival in the world. It is of Roman Catholic descent, and is a celebration before Lent and its fasting practices.
It is annually celebrated from the Friday before Ash Wednesday until the midday of Ash Wednesday.
In 2011, almost 5 million flocked together to celebrate the carnival.

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