Dumbo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Dumbo Costume

Dumbo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Jumbo Elephant Ears and Tail Set Dumbo is known for his giant floppy ears so it’s important for you to wear a huge pair. Add a fake tail for more detail as well.
2 Inspired Dress Your costume making could be easier with this Dumbo-inspired dress.
3 Toddlers Costume Set Turn your tiny tot into Dumbo with this costume set.
4 Pets Costume Set Your adorable pet can become cute like Dumbo with this costume set.
5 Blue Pets Costume You can also let your pet wear this Dumbo onesie.
6 Women’s Costume Set Want to add a feminine touch to your Dumbo costume? Get this set!
7 Plushie Add extra cuteness factor by bringing along a Dumbo plushie.

Dumbo was born in the circus, and he was ridiculed because he was different. Dumbo has giant ears (bigger than the normal pair that elephants have!). But he shows that it’s not a bad thing to be different from others. What other elephant do you know that can fly, right? Because of his ears, Dumbo became a circus superstar!

Looking like Dumbo the Flying Elephant is quite easy. You will need to wear all grey, a floppy elephant ear headband, a fake elephant tail, and a red curly circus collar. Even your pets can join in on the fun! Here’s everything you need to look like Dumbo.

About Dumbo

The voice actors in the 1941 film adaptation were never formally credited. However, the actor who lent his voice to Dumbo is no other than Mel Blanc.

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