Grandma Coco Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Grandma Coco Costume

Mama Coco Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Embroidered Dress Mama Coco keeps herself comfortable in a loose white embroidered dress.
2 Orange Shawl Mama Coco loves feeling warm because of her orange shawl.
3 White Crew Socks Mama Coco keeps her feet toasty warm in a pair of white crew socks.
4 Pink Fuzzy Slippers Mama Coco is super cosy because of her pink fuzzy slippers.
5 Long Grey Wig Make sure to wear your long grey wig styled in twin braids.
6 Old Age Makeup Kit Add years to your face by using this makeup kit.

Though she doesn’t have many lines in the movie, Mama Coco’s warm personality shines through her always-present smile and gentle ways. Her degenerative memory coupled with her old age makes her look fragile but she successfully exudes an abundant aura of life whenever she is shown on-screen.

Mama Coco keeps her outfit very comfortable since she is wheelchair-bound already. She wears a white embroidered dress, white socks, pink fluffy slippers, and an orange shawl. Mama Coco is also known for her all-white hair styled in twin braids.

About Grandma Coco

Grandma Coco was voiced by Ana Ofelia Murguia. Murguia is also known for her roles in Mi querido Tom Mix, Life Sentence, The Queen of the Night, and The Last Call.

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