Dick Tracy & Breathless Mahoney Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2022

How to Make Dick Tracy and Breathless Mahoney’s Costume from Dick Tracy

Here are the stuff you can cop to look great in Dick Tracy’s costume:

For Dick Tracy Costume

Dick Tracy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Shirt Get this white button-down shirt.
2 Vest Wear this vest on top of your white shirt.
3 Red Tie Get a red tie, too.
4 Trousers You can also wear this pair of pants with your top.
5 Yellow Coat Get this yellow coat, too.
6 Black Shoes Top the outfit with this pair of shoes.
7 Yellow Hat Match your coat with this fedora hat.

For Breathless Mahoney Costume

Breathless Mahoney Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long Black Dress Get this dress with a v-neck and slit.
2 Black Shoes Then pair the dress with these shoes.
3 Blonde Wig You can get this wig to top your costume.
4 Bracelets Optionally, accessorize with bracelets

This amazing duo’s costume can earn style points for your next costume party! For Dick’s costume, wear a white shirt with a red tie. Then top it with a vest and a pair of trousers. Then get a yellow hat too. For Breathless, live up to her name and wear a sleek black dress with a blonde wig.

About Dick Tracy and Breathless Mahoney

Dick Tracy is the main character in the American comic strip of the same name. Dick is introduced as a good detective. The character is said to have been based from real-life USA agent Eliot Ness.

Meanwhile, Breathless Mahoney, a nightclub singer played by Madonna. She is named Breathless because of the way she supposedly speaks (breathy) and she leaves men breathless.