Daria Morgendorffer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2020

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How to Dress like Daria Morgendorffer

Daria’s outfit is quite ordinary, comparing to her schoolmates, however she remarks that “my signature look reflects my belief that you should not be judged by your clothes.” Daria has long reddish-brown hair wing bangs and always has her rounded eyeglasses on. She wears orange T-shirt topped with a large dark green jacket, a black skirt, and large lace-up boots. If you want to get Daria’s style, follow our list down below!

Daria Morgendorffer Cosplay & Costume Guide
# Item Description
1 Orange T-Shirt Look for a regular orange T-shirt that fits you.
2 Oversize Dark Green Jacket Top the T-shirt with a big dark green jacket that is one or two size bigger than your actual size.
3 Short Black Skirt A simple, short black skirt is perfect.
4 Laced-up Boots Get a pair of black laced-up boots to match your outfit.
5 Rounded Eyeglasses Simple rounded eyeglasses with clear lens would be just perfect.
6 Reddish Brown Wig Finish you Daria’s look by recreating her hairstyle with a long reddish brown wig with bangs.
7 Daria The Complete Animated Series DVD Box Set Lastly, relive your memory with the Daria completed DVD box set.

About Daria Morgendorffer

Daria Morgendorffer, voiced by Tracy Grandstaff, is the protagonist in a 1997 American animated T.V. series with the same name Daria, which is the story that follows a smart teenager Daria who tries her best to fly low and get through the day in Lawndale High School because she couldn’t care less about people around her.

Daria is best known for her deadpan sarcasm toward other characters and most of the situations in the show. Despite the fact that she hates being around a lot of people, Daria does have one best friend, Jane Lane, who share the same idea about how brain dead other kids and teachers in the school are. Daria is intelligent, witty, apathetic, and also lazy.