Dress like Dr. Horrible Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Costumet Team

With his long, white lab coat and grey rubber gloves, Dr. Horrible could pass as your everyday supervillain scientist. However, the twist to this Dr. is that he is actually a blogger. He films his everyday catastrophes and experiments and attempts at taking over the world.

Despite his evil inhibitions, he’s not actually that bad of a guy. The costume for Dr. Horrible is pretty simple as well. Follow the typical scientist costume and then add a few accessories, special to Dr. Horrible’s character at the end.

How to Make a Super-Villain Scientist Dr. Horrible Costume

Dr Horrible Cosplay & Costume Guide
# Item Description
1 Coat, lab, white Horrible’s lab coat is slightly different than your regular supervillain’s lab coat. It is much longer and it also has a special Mandarin style collar that gives it a really cool look.
2 Pants, khaki Trying to keep up with a more professional look, Dr. Horrible sticks to plain khaki pants for his bottom half.
3 Gloves, rubber, gray Since he is a scientist after all, Dr. Horrible wears gloves such as these most of the time. He is rarely seen glove-less.
4 Goggles, science These super cool, heavy duty goggles make it look like you’re really doing some hardcore science experiments, just the look you want for this costume.
5 Patch, medical Dr. Horrible has a similar patch on the right side of his chest, so you are going to want to sew this onto your lab coat in order to get a similar look.
6 Boots, rubber, white These boots give the same effect as the rubber gloves, and further convince others of your science-based background.
7 Costume, full For your convenience, the full costume of this look can also be found.

About Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible is the star of a three-part mini-series about an evil scientist trying to take over the world, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. The series is actually very comedic and silly, despite the fact that the protagonist is supposed to be evil. The best part of the show is that Dr. Horrible is played by Neil Patrick Harris who does an amazing job at making the evil character appear very funny and not taking himself seriously. The series is shot is a blog-like format with Dr. Horrible narrating most of the story himself.