Daisy Head Mayzie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Daisy Head Mayzie Costume

Daisy Head Mayzie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Puffy Sleeve Blouse Pick this pink puffy-sleeve blouse to start assembling your Mayzie wardrobe.
2 Pink Flared Mini Skirt Match the blouse with this flared pink mini-skirt.
3 Pink Sash Belt Put on this pink sash belt to connect your blouse to your skirt.
4 White Tights Wear this white tights to mimic Mayzie’s look.
5 Pink Mary Jane Shoes Round off your young schoolgirl attire with this pair of pink Mary Jane shoes.
6 Pink Round Buttons Affix these round pink buttons to the front of your blouse.
7 White Lace Ribbon Append white laces to your blouse’s neck and arms edges.
8 Headband Attach one stem of Daisy to a slim firm headband to show the flower springing out of your head.

Daisy Head Mayzie is a 12-year old tenderhearted girl in a TV special based on the children’s book written by Dr. Seuss who inexplicably sprouts a bright white daisy from her head. Her condition initially led to ridicule and alarm all throughout their town, then to fame and fortune, until Mayzie became unhappy. She was eventually helped by the Cat in the Hat to find true happiness in the company of those who love her.

Daisy Head Mayzie is an extraordinary young schoolgirl. She wears a pink puffy sleeve blouse, a pink flared mini skirt, a pink sash belt, white tights, and pink Mary Jane shoes.

About Daisy Head Mayzie

Daisy Head Mayzie was voiced by Francesca Marie Smith. Smith is also known for her roles in Hey Arnold!, The Prince of Egypt, and Recess.

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