Vicki's Costume from Small Wonder for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Vicki’s Costume from Small Wonder

Vicki Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Dress Start the costume with a high-neck dress.
2 White Pinafore Then, top the dress off with a pinafore or apron dress.
3 White Socks Keep the look cool with a pair of white socks.
4 Black Shoes Complete Vicki’s robotic girl outfit with a pair of black flat shoes.
5 Hair Extensions You can also rock her locks with this hair extension.
6 Red Ribbon Keep the red color scheme going by adding a red ribbon to the hair.

Vicki is a show-stopper in the show thanks to her cute looks! She wears a red patterned dress topped with a white pinafore. You can recreate the style with the right pieces and then top it off with a red ribbon on your head. Wear a pair of long socks and shoes, too!

About Vicki

Vicki is a robot that looks like a human child from the show called Small Wonder.She was modeled after a real human girl and was designed by the Lawson family of engineers who passed her off as their daughter. The name came from V.I.C.I. (Voice Input Child Identicant) which is pronounced “Vicki”. Ted Lawson, Vicki’s creator, invented the android so that it can help handicapped children. The show was loved by many and was notable for Vicki’s scenes trying to learn how to behave like a real human.

“Small Wonder” is an American sitcom that aired from 1985 to 1989. The show was created by Howard Leeds and produced by T.A.T. Communications Company. It gained popularity during its original run and has become a cult classic in the years that followed.

The series revolves around the Lawson family, consisting of Ted Lawson (played by Dick Christie), his wife Joan (played by Marla Pennington), their son Jamie (played by Jerry Supiran), and their daughter Vicki (played by Tiffany Brissette). The unique twist in the show comes from Vicki, who is not a human child but a sophisticated humanoid robot created by Ted Lawson, who works as an engineer at United Robotronics Corporation.

Vicki, short for “Voice Input Child Identicant,” is an android with human-like appearance, speech, and capabilities. She was designed to be a prototype for future household robots. Throughout the series, the family tries to keep Vicki’s true identity a secret from their nosy neighbors, which leads to humorous and often awkward situations.

As the show progresses, Vicki’s extraordinary abilities, including superhuman strength and intelligence, are both a source of comedic scenarios and heartwarming moments as she tries to understand human emotions and relationships.

“Small Wonder” was known for its family-friendly and light-hearted nature, appealing to audiences of all ages. It gained a dedicated fan base and remains a nostalgic favorite for many who grew up watching the show during its original run. The series continues to be enjoyed through reruns and streaming platforms, leaving a lasting legacy in the realm of classic American sitcoms.