Handsome Squidward (SpongeBob SquarePants) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Handsome Squidward Costume

Handsome Squidward Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Mustard Leotard Instantly look fabulous with Handsome Squidward’s signature mustard leotard.
2 Wide Black Belt with Gold Buckle Accentuate your captivating body with this wide black belt with a rectangular gold buckle.
3 White Hair Cap Cover your hair with this white hair cap to have Handsome Squidward’s alluring bald head.
4 2 Pairs of Torquoise Socks Wear these torquoise socks on your hands and feet to get Squidward’s complexion.
5 Torquoise Face and Body Paint Use this torquoise face and body paint all over the rest of your body to get Squidward’s skin color.
6 Black Body Marker Apply this black body marker to split your legs in half to have Handsome Squidwark’s many legs.
7 Pink Lipstick Make your lips desirable and kissable with this luscious pink lipstick.

Handsome Squidward is an alter-ego of Tentacles Squidward, the neighbor and coworker of SpongeBob, He became ‘handsome’ after SpongeBob accidentally slammed the door on his face. After several days in the hospital, when the bandage was removed, Squidward’s face was revealed to have turned very handsome. His handsomeness made him an instant celebrity, leading countless fans to uncontrollably stalk him.

Handsome Squidward is eager to flaunt his attractiveness. He wears a mustard-colored leotard, a wide black belt with a gold buckle, and pink lipstick.

About Handsome Squidward

Handsome Squidward was voiced by Rodger Bumpass. Bupass is also known for his roles in The Running Man, Seal Team, and Teen Titans, Go!.

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