Darla (Finding Nemo) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Darla Sherman Costume

Darla Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Sweater Darla wears a cool purple sweater.
2 Rock n Roll Girl sticker attach this sticker on your purple sweater
3 white collared top You might want to wear a white collared top as another layer.
4 Yellow Plaid Skirt It might not be the best match, but Darla makes her outfit work despite this yellow plaid skirt.
5 Black Mary Janes Darla wears a simple pair of black Mary Janes.
6 Nemo Plushie She would’ve been his owner, so bring along a Nemo plushie. Put it inside a transparent zipper bag for extra effects.
7 Braces Fake For your old school dental headgear, get fake braces.
8 Hanging Wire Slip it between your braces & twist it behind the neck.

Ahh, Darla! She might have been a very minor role in the movie but from her dramatic entrance to her very last seen, she was a presence that you just can’t not see! Darla is the darling niece of the dentist who took Nemo (if by darling, you mean demonic). She was supposed to be his new owner. But she was known for killing the fishes given to her by sheer enthusiasm.

Darla would’ve been cute if it wasn’t for her creepy eyes and sinister smile. She wears a purple sweater, a yellow plaid skirt, black Mary Janes, and old-school braces. Here’s everything you need to look like Darla.

About Darla

Darla was voiced by Lulu Ebeling in the Disney movie, Finding Nemo.

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