Browncoats (Firefly) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Browncoats Costume

Browncoats Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown Trench Coat for Men A simple brown trench coat is a crucial part of the Browncoats’ uniform, so you will need to find one that fits you. However, remember that you don’t have to go for something too fancy here
2 Red Scarf This is easy. You just have to look for a regular red scarf that big enough to wrap around your neck
3 Brown Long Sleeve Shirt for Men Underneath your trench coat, you should wear a shirt that matches with a coat’s color. Any brown shirts would be perfect
4 Red Vest for Men Browncoats often wear a red vest over their coat
5 Golden Tape decorate it with a golden tape to get a design as in the reference picture
6 Khaki Pants for Men For the pants, they don’t have to be brown it can be in subtle color like khaki or black. Just make sure that they could make you look adventurous, active, and agile
7 Brown Boots for Men You should look for a pair of boots that go with the outfit, something brown and simple
8 Brown Leathered Belt for Men Any brown leathered belt would be perfect, only it mustn’t be too fancy. However for the women belt, you could go with a simple brown color belt to match the outfit or something more fun like a chain belt
9 Costume Rifle You should look for a costume rifle to complete the look, it is a regular choice of Browncoats’ weapon
10 Gun Holster A regular pistol holster in brown color. However, you can also choose the ones with more fancy design if you prefer
11 Army Helmet You should search for a world war or retro styled army helmet
12 Brown Gloves for Men You are free to choose the design of the gloves as long as they’re in brown color and matched with the outfit

Browncoat’s Signature Outfit

Doing the justice to its name, the Browncoat’s outfit is mainly in brown. Beside the color, the majority of the browncoats wear a trench coat as the uniform. They also wrap red scarves around their necks.

However, all the soldiers’ style can be quite various and is often far from being coherent for there are different details in each individual’s clothes.

So if you’re inspired to dress as a browncoat, you just have to find a nice brown trench coat for the first step, and then look for some other accessories to customize your own style.

About Browncoats

In 2002 Joss Wheden, a man who later created ‘The Avenger’ in 2012, made a well-received sci-fi T.V. series called ‘Firefly’ which is about a group of people who live on the same spaceship named ‘the Serenity’ traveling in the blind spots of the galaxy in order to escape from the authority.

Before that, there was a big war called ‘the Unification War’ between the Alliance (the central government) and the independent (a group of people who fight for the Independent Planets). The war ended with the Alliance’s victory and those who sided with the independent or acted against the Alliance, including Captain Malcolm Reynolds of the Serenity and his crew, had become a fugitive.

The soldiers who fight for the Independents are known as ‘Browncoats,’ simply because of their brownish uniforms’ color. Malcolm Reynolds and his friend Zoë Alleyne Washburne were a browncoat and thus they became a fugitive after the war ended.