Inara Serra Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Inara Serra Costume

Inara Serra Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Curly Dark Hair Wig If you don’t have a similar hair style with Serra then get this a black hair wig to get close to the look
2 Red Evening Gown What are we looking for here is a rich-looking fabric in red, and the dress should has an opened front so we can show off a gold skirt underneath
3 Golden Long Skirt Because we can’t get the original looking outfit, wearing a golden skirt underneath the dress is to help achieve the look
4 Golden Cape Cloak Any golden capes would be perfect, but you should get a body length size
5 Red Satin Wrist Length Gloves You should look for a simple pair of red satin gloves, stay away from a complicated pattern
6 Golden Dangle Earrings You’re free to choose any styles of the earrings, but you only need to make sure that they’re a dangle kind and in gold color
7 Golden Upper Arm Cuff Same with earrings, you’re free to pick your favorite style as long as it is in gold
8 Necklace Get this pendant necklace
9 necklace 2 another option for necklace

Inara Serra’s Signature Look

Inara Serra doesn’t one signature outfit like Captain Malcolm, however she has a certain style where she’s always chooses to wear gowns and the color she often picks is red.

So when the audience think of Serra, they often see red and gold for Serra’s seductive and glamourous aspect as any companions should have. To get Serra’s look, we have to get the little creative here because there’s no outfit with the same design available online.

About Inara Serra

Inara Serra, played by Morena Baccarin, is one of the main characters in ‘Firely,’ a 2002 sci-fi T.V. show. Serra is a member of Companion’s Guild who rent her place in Captain Malcolm Reynolds’ spacecraft and travel with the Serenity’s crew.

Women who is in Companion’s Guild is called ‘a companion,’ they will be trained at a very young age to become a high class entertainer which includes prostitution, but unlike prostitutes outside the guild the companions receive an education involved sophisticated knowledge like music, psychology, or even martial art and so they typically get a lot of respect from people around them.

To our protagonist Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Inara Serra is not just a client who leases out a shuttle on board but a love interest, they unknowingly develop a romantic chemistry but try to resist it once they realize what’s going on which doesn’t seem to work so well.