DJ Yonder (Fortnite) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make DJ Yonder’s Costume from Fortnite

Dance to the tune of DJ Yonder’s beats with these items:

Dj Yonder Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Teal Jacket Cop this jacket to start the look.
2 Yellow Tape Then add yellow lines on the edges or parts of the jacket for accent.
3 Rainbow Ribbon You can also use this ribbon as a sash.
4 Colored Paper Cut small strips to decorate your jacket or pants with.
5 Denim Pants Pair the top with jeans. Add the strips of paper too.
6 Pink Shoes You can lace up on this pink pair of shoes to wear with your pants.
7 Mask/Helmet Wear this DJ Yonder mask to finish off the look.
8 Silver Mask If no DJ Yonder helmet is available, use a silver-colored mask.
9 Yellow Head Phones Then add a cool pair of headphones, too.

Being a dj gives DJ Yonder a bright aura. This translates to way he dresses, too. To recreate his fun yet laidback look, you can start with a teal-colored hoodie or jacket. Decorate it with strips of colored paper and a raibow ribbon sash. Then wear denim pants which you may also decorate with colored accents. To finish the look, wear pink shoes and a special mask (but if it’s not available, you can cop a silver-colored face mask instead).

About DJ Yonder

DJ Yonder is a skin or outfit from from the popular video game franchise Fortnite. The game is played in an online platform that has a battle-royale style of play. DJ Yonder is one of the many outfits or skins in the game which the player can choose to use. It is said to be part of the Twin Turntables set with an Epic level of rarity.