Giddy-Up (Fortnite) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Giddy-Up Costume

Giddy Up Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Army Green Tank Top Start off your Giddy-up outfit with a strong-looking olive green tank top.
2 Brown Cargo Pants Keep to the military colors with a pair of brown pants.
3 Green Combat Boots It’s easier to hide when you have a pair of green boots on.
4 Orange Fabric Accessorize with an orange scarf.
5 Army Green Tactical Fingerless Gloves Keep your fingers protected in a pair of fingerless gloves.
6 Boys Brown Pants Use a pair of boys’ brown pants for the fake legs.
7 Kids Black Footed Tights Use tights as the base that shapes your fake legs.
8 Pillow Stuffing Use pillow stuffing to create the shape of your fake legs.
9 Kids Brown Boots Use a pair of kids’ brown boots over your fake legs.
10 Large Moving Boxes Create your wearable llama with lightweight moving boxes.
11 Different Colors of Acrylic Paint Use different colors of acrylic paint, notable blue and lavender, to color your llama.
12 Brown Ribbon Use ribbon to make the straps of your llama.

Giddy-Up is one of the Epic outfits that you can get as a reward when you reach Tier 23 of Battle Pass Season 6. Its character model is Spitfire which is a combatant outfit.

Giddy-Up is definitely a fun balance between looking like a tough mercenary and a kid at heart. He wears an olive green tank top, brown pants, green boots, an orange scarf, and a wearable inflatable llama.

About Giddy-Up

Giddy-Up is the male counterpart of Yee-Haw. He is the first Outfit to have a Built-in Emote.

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