Dude (Free Guy) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Dude’s Costume from Free Guy

Dude Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Muscle Shirt Kick off the Buff Dude look with this shirt.
2 Blue Paint Paint a blue shirt on the chest, too.
3 Gold Chain Add some shine with this gold chain.
4 Red Boxers Then add color to the look with these red boxers.
5 Brown Pants Get this pair of pants to go along with the top.
6 Blue Shoes Add these sneakers to the mix, too.
7 Black Arm Bands Then get these sweat bands.
8 Wig Top off the costume with this blonde wig.

Dude is a buff head-turner in Free Guy who has a blue shirt pattern tattoo on his chest. He has gold chains and arm sweat bands, too. You can cop a muscle-print shirt with this look and wear it with a pair of khaki joggers pants. You can also style it with red boxers and a pair of blue sneakers. Finish the costume by wearing a dirty blonde wig.

About Dude

Dude is a character in the film Free Guy. He is the muscular yet unfinished counterpart and copy of Guy that is meant for Free City 2. Dude’s character is sent by Antwan to mess with Guy and their mission. Dude’s face is patterned after Ryan Reynold’s while his body is played by Aaron W. Reed who is a bodybuilder.