Kristoff (Frozen) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Kristoff’s Costume from Frozen

Kristoff Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Sweater Get a plain black sweater to wear.
2 Black Sleeveless Tunic Top your sweater with a black tunic.
3 Dark Red Scarf Wrap the fabric belt around your mid waist.
4 Black Winter Gloves Get winter gloves in black color to wear.
5 Black Pom Pom Hat Match your outfit with a black pom pom hat.
6 Black Cargo Pants Wear black pants. Put powder onto the pants to get a rustic look.
7 Black Boots Pair up your outfit with boots in dark color.
8 Faux Fur Fabric Cut the fabric and glue it around the tunic’s hem with a fabric glue to recreate the detail as showed in the original look
9 Short Blonde Wig Recreate Kristoff’s hairstyle with a short blond wig.
10 Full Costume Want to save your time? Get this full costume now!
11 Full Costume for Children If you want to dress your little ones in Kristoff’s costume, fetch this full costume to save your time!

Kristoff is a commoner (among his fellow royal characters) who’s an ice seller, and his clothes reflect just that because his outfit is less fancy and more rustic.

In this look, Kristoff wears a black sweater topped with a long sleeveless T-shirt, dark gloves, a dark pom pom hat, a red belt, black pants, and pointy boots. You can even add a short blonde wig to the look in order to recreate Kristoff’s style.

Are you interested in creating Kristoff’s outfit or wanting dress someone with this look? then checkout our item list down below!

About Kristoff

Kristoff, voiced by an American actor and singer Jonathan Groff, is one of the main character in the 2013 Disney animated film “Frozen.” He’s the ice seller and deliverer who faces the career problem since the summer is now frozen. The film had won a great deal of recognition and critical acclaim worldwide. It also produced a very ear-catching song like “Let It Go” which captured the heart of children and adults alike.

Frozen tells the story of Elsa, a young queen of a fictional Scandinavian kingdom called Arendelle, who runs away from the throne because she’s afraid that she won’t be able to confine her magical ice power and that she would hurt people. And so, Anna, a princess and a younger sister, undergoes an adventurous path to find her sister and ask her to come back to rule the kingdom. In the adventure, Anna meets with a young ice seller Kristoff, who joins her for the adventure.