Bloodborne Hunter Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Hunter’s Costume from Bloodborne

Steal the look from the Hunter with the items below:

Bloodborne Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Coat Kick off the look with this coat.
2 White Turtleneck Wear a white turleneck under.
3 Vest Top the turtleneck with this buckled vest.
4 Arm Guard Style the coat sleeves with these arm guards.
5 Skinny Pants Pair the vest with dark pants.
6 Shin Guards Recreate the booth silhouette with these shin guards.
7 Black Shoes Keep it classy with dress shoes.
8 Tricorne Hat Get a black tricorne hat.
9 Half face mask Wear a half face mask with the hat.
10 Blunderbuss toy Carry this fake gun as prop.
11 Costume set You may also get this packaged set.

The Hunter’s character design may look challenging but it can be recreated with many separate pieces. Start by getting a long black coat and wear it open.

Put it over a white turtleneck and black vest. Style the coat with arm guards then wear skinny pants. Slip on a pair of black shoes then use a shin guard on the leg to replicate his boots.

Nail the costume with a black half face mask and a black tricorne hat. Get a fake gun as props, too.

About Hunter

The Hunter is a character in the game franchise Bloodborne. The role-playing game where hunter is the main playable character. The character goes through the game fighting beasts and circumstance to unveil and put an end to a blood borne disease and plague that has engulfed the city of Yharnam.

The game received fairly positive reviews from review aggregator Metacritic and others. It won Best Original Game in 2015 at the Golden Joystick Awards 2015, Playstation Game of the Year from The Edge Awards 2015, and many more!