Jacket & Biker (Hotline Miami) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Jacket Costume

Jacket Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Aqua Short Sleeved Printed T-Shirt Launch into your menacing getup by first putting on this short-sleeved printed aqua T-shirt.
2 Blue Straight Fit Jeans Follow up by procuring this pair of straight-fit blue jeans.
3 Navy Blue High Top Canvas Sneakers Acquire this pair of high-top navy blue canvas sneakers tomatch with your outfit.
4 Varsity Jacket This special Hotline Miami varsity jacket will announce your readiness to massacre thugs.
5 Rooster Mask Leave no doubt who you are by wearing this rooster mask.
6 Machine Gun Toy Carry this toy machine gun as props.
7 Hammer Bring this claw hammer as well as additional props.

How to Make Biker Costume

Biker Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Short Sleeve T-Shirt Kick off your intimidating costume with this short-sleeved white T-shirt.
2 Blue Regular Fit Jeans Partner your top with this pair regular-fit blue jeans.
3 Brown Motorcycle Boots Add this pair of sturdy brown motorcycle boots to your regalia.
4 Hot Pink Puffer Vest Be very visible and immediately strike fear by donning this hot pink puffer vest.
5 Green Workout Headband Pick this item for your green workout headband.
6 Green Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves These fingerless motorcycle gloves will give you a better grip on your bike and your weapon.
7 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Choose this full-face motorcycle helmet as your Biker helmet.
8 Turquoise Spray Paint Transform your headgear into the recognizable Biker helmet by spray painting it with the color Turquoise.
9 Plastic Butcher Knife Brandish this terrifying plastic butcher knife as props.

Jacket and Biker are operatives of the mysterious group 50 Blessings in the top-down shooter video game Hotline Miami. They are tasked via coded messages on their answering machines to massacre local Russian mafia groups. Jacket is the main character of the game and the first person to be contacted by 50 Blessings, while Biker is another operative known as Helmet or Hacker.

Jacket and Biker are playable characters in the game. They wear a short-sleeved printed aqua T-shirt, straight-fit blue jeans, high-top navy blue canvas sneakers, a letterman varsity jacket, and a rooster mask for Jacket; and a short-sleeved white T-shirt, regular-fit blue jeans, brown motorcycle boots, a hot pink puffer vest, a green headband, fingerless motorcycle gloves, and a tinted turquoise motorcycle helmet for Biker.

About Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami received critical acclaim after its release and was praised for its narrative, themes, music, and gameplay. It has then been regarded to be one of the greatest games of all time, along with being cited as a highly influential independent video game and as a notable cult video game.

“Jacket” and “Biker” are two main characters from the video game “Hotline Miami.” Developed by Dennaton Games and released in 2012, “Hotline Miami” is a top-down, action-packed, and ultra-violent game known for its fast-paced gameplay and retro-style graphics.

  1. Jacket:
    Jacket, also known as “the protagonist,” is the player-controlled character in “Hotline Miami.” He is a mysterious and unnamed hitman who receives cryptic phone calls instructing him to carry out assassinations on various targets. Jacket wears an iconic letterman jacket with different animal masks, representing different personas, to hide his identity while carrying out these violent missions.

Throughout the game, Jacket’s motivations and background are left largely ambiguous, adding to the surreal and mysterious atmosphere of the story. As players progress through the game’s levels, they uncover more about Jacket’s past and the dark underworld he is entangled in.

  1. Biker:
    Biker is another prominent character in “Hotline Miami” and becomes playable in the game’s sequel, “Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.” He is a motorcyclist and an ally of Jacket who becomes embroiled in the same violent world of the Miami criminal underground.

In “Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number,” Biker’s story runs parallel to the events of the original game, offering a different perspective on the overall narrative. He also wears a distinct mask, called “Rufus,” and utilizes different combat mechanics compared to Jacket, adding variety to the gameplay.

The “Hotline Miami” series is known for its intense gameplay, retro-inspired aesthetics, and a dark and twisted narrative that keeps players engaged throughout. The combination of its challenging gameplay and intriguing storyline has made Jacket and Biker memorable and iconic characters within the gaming community.

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