Mother Nature Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Mother Nature Costume

Mother Nature Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown Gown A brown gown is the perfect base for your outfit as it signifies land.
2 Sheer Green Fabric Add a bit of romance to your gown with a sheer green fabric.
3 Fake Vines Don’t forget to accessorize with fake vines.
4 Green Body Paint Tint some parts of your body with green body paint for full effect.
5 Ginger Wig Add a fiery glow to your costume with a ginger wig.
6 Floral Headband Look more feminine with a floral headband.
7 Fake Plants Bring fake plants to look a lot like Mother Nature.

Mother Nature provides all that we have, and as such we must continue to take care of her and her gifts. The resources she bestows upon us provide sustenance and means for us to survive. She is the personification of our planet, and is highly regarded as nurturing.

Aside from being the environment we move in, Mother Nature is also personified as a woman. Depictions of what she wears varies greatly. But certain themes prevail. She is mostly wearing green and brown tones, with flora and fauna skirting around her outfit. Here’s everything you need to look like Mother Nature.

About Mother Nature

The earliest written account of nature being personified as a mother is in Ancient Greece; more specifically, in Mycenaean Greek.

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