Maria Reynolds' Costume from Hamilton for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Maria Reynolds’ Costume from Hamilton

Maria Reynolds Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Gown You can easily rock this cosplay with this red gown.
2 Vintage Blouse Or recreate the whole look starting with this red top.
3 Skirt Keep it red with this long beautiful skirt.
4 Curly Hair Complete the cosplay with this wig, too.

Maria Reynolds’ outfit features an all-red look thanks to her red gown. You can also wear a two-piece set with a red blouse and a skirt so you can use the pieces in other casual settings as well. Complete the costume by wearing your hair in curls or by wearing a wig!

About Maria Reynolds

Maria Reynolds is historical figure who later was portrayed in the musical Hamilton. In real life, she was the wife of James Reynolds. Later on, she will be Alexander Hamilton’s mistress. This affair was also the center of the Reynolds Pamphlet where that includes the USA’s first sex scandal related to politics. It was stated that Maria approached Alexander asking for monetary help claiming that her husband has left her. When Alexander later brought the cash in person, Maria allegedly brought him to her bedroom. The affair would last from 1791 to 1792.