The Satan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Satan Costume

Satan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Dress Shirt Let the king of darkness emulate his kingdom with this plain black dress shirt.
2 Black Pants Wear this pair of black pants to symbolize the endless void that the fallen live in.
3 Red Satin Vest Turn the heat up a notch with this sexy satin vest.
4 Red Satin Bow Tie Add more spice to your Satan costume with this bow tie set.
5 Red Cape Let the king wear his luxurious blood red cape.
6 Red Pitchfork A ruler must have a scepter like Satan’s intimidating red pitchfork. Don’t forget the red horns and red tail!
7 Men Full Costume Set Be Satan in his glorious regalia with this full costume set.
8 Women Full Costume Set Who said Satan was a man? She might be a lady.

What’s it like to be hated by everyone? Who better to ask than Satan? The ultimate bad guy, the king of villains, evil itself: some of the titles Satan can claim. While we’ll never know what Satan truly looks like (and let’s hope we never do!), many people have given their takes on his features.

Some would say he’s ugly and looks demonic, others say that he’s painfully handsome (temptation himself!). Well, for this costume, let’s assume that he’s like the regal king of the fallen complete with his beautiful red pitchfork and satin clothes. Here’s everything you need to look like Satan.

About Satan

Satan is an entity that many religions like Islam and Christianity mention. He takes on different forms but is always portrayed as a negative being not to be revered.

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