T-Bo (iCarly) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make T-Bo’s Costume from iCarly

T-Bo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Orange Shirt Start T-Bo’s eye-catching look with this orange shirt.
2 Black Long-sleeve Top You can also choose to wear long sleeves under the orange shirt.
3 Black Pants Then you can also pair the top with some black pants.
4 Braided Wig For a more complete look, you can also wear this braided wig.
5 Black Headband You can also tie the look together with this headband.
6 Stick Carry a long stick as prop.
7 Fake Donuts Impale some donuts on your stick to complete the costume.

T-Bo’s costume can be recreated by wearing an orange shirt under a black long-sleeved top and black pants. You can also wear a set of dreadlocks and a black bandana to tie the costume together to complete the look, carry a long stick with some toy donuts, too.

About T-Bo

T-Bo is character from the show called iCarly. He is a Jamaican man that worked at Groovy Smoothie. In the skits, he can be seen wearing his bandana and holding foods served in a stick. Some food include pickles, bagels, or tacos. T-Bo is also friends with the show’s main trio.