Goomba (Super Mario) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Goomba Costume

Goomba Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Khaki Brown Pants Put on this non-descript khaki brown pants as base stem of your costume.
2 Brown Beanie Cap Wear this brown beanie cap to hideaway your hair and to make your face inconspicuous.
3 Brown Sneakers Pair your pants with Goomba’s signature brown sneakers.
4 Brown Cloth Fabric Use this brown cloth fabric to DIY your huge mushroom face. Start with the width of your neck and widen as you go lower to your thighs. Make a front and back.
5 Upholstery Foam Use this upholstery foam to add bulk to your giant mushroom face.
6 White Felt Paper Cut out the white parts of the eyes and the fangs using this white felt paper and paste on your mushroom face.
7 Black Felt Paper Complete the details of your mushroom-like outfit by obtaining the mouth, eyebrows, and black part of the eyes from this black felt paper.

The Goombas are the brown mushroom-like creatures in the platform game series Super Mario Bros. created by Nintendo. They are the most common enemy in the franchise. They are usually the first enemy that the players encounter, walking around aimlessly as an obstacle, and are the easiest to defeat.

The Goombas have two feet and no visible arms. They wear a full body-sized brown fabric cloth, a brown beanie hat, light brown pants, and a pair of brown sneakers.

About Goomba

Goomba was voiced by Frank Welker. Welker is also known for his roles in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Mortal Kombat, Curious George, and The Garfield Show.

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