Agent Peggy Carter Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Agent Peggy Carter Costume

Agent Peggy Carter Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Whit Blouse Look for a retro styled, plain white blouse.
2 Blue Suit Jacket Get a female formal suit jacket in dark blue color with a bit of vintage touch to it.
3 Blue Pencil Skirt Match your suit jacket with a plain dark blue, knee length pencil skirt.
4 Brown Leather Belt Any skinny brown leather belts would be suitable for the look.
5 Red Homburg Hat Find a female red homburg or bucket hat to add to the look.
6 Retro Female Military Outfit For Peggy’s military look, just get a retro female military costume.
7 Black Retro High Heels Pick plain vintage black leather high heels to complete both looks.
8 Nude Stockings This is optional, a normal pair of beige colored stockings.
9 Retro Dark Wig Recreate Agent Carter’s retro dark hair with a retro styled wig in dark color.
10 Pistol Gun Prop Gear up the look with a pistol gun prop.
11 Action Figure Lastly, get an Agent Carter action figure from Funko POP to add to your collection.

In Agent Carter, Peggy’s iconic outfit is the one that she wears a red hat, white blouse, blue suit jacket and pencil skirt, and black 40s high heels. The other famous look of hers is the 40s green military outfit. Peggy’s choice of weapon is a lady hand gun. If you’re interested in recreating Peggy Carter’s style, follow our list down below.

About Peggy Carter

Peggy Carter or Margaret Elizabeth Carter, portrayed by Hayley Atwell, is the Marvel protagonist in her own TV show called “Agent Carter” which aired between 2015-2016; she also is Captain American’s love interest in Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011. Peggy is one of the most leading agents of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR),an Allied deep science agency formed to fight against HYDRA, the Nazi super weapons division, during and after World War II.

On the mission in Germany, Peggy saved Professor Abraham Erskine from Red Skull. The success of her mission brought about the start of the Super Soldier Serum project. During the project Peggy met and befriended with Steve Rogers who later known as Captain America. She fell in love with Rogers and she lost him to his last mission against Hydra where he landed the craft into the frozen ocean. After that Peggy helped Howard Stark clear his name when he was accused of being a traitor. And with her help, Stark found the new peacekeeping organization, the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (S.H.I.E.L.D.). At her old age, Peggy got to meet Rogers once again and bid him farewell before she passed.