Green Goblin Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Green Goblin Costume

Green Goblin Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Compression Shirt To get Green Goblin’s green-tinged skin, wear a long-sleeved compression shirt.
2 Green Leotards Green Goblin loves to show his legs so wear a pair of green leotards to copy his awesome skin color.
3 Purple Compression Shorts Wear a pair of purple compression to preserve your modesty.
4 Purple Fabric Use this purple fabric to create Green Goblin’s main top. Don’t forget to sew on a cone shaped hoodie!
5 Elf Shoes Green Goblin’s shoes are awesomely elf-like like this amazing pair. To get Green Goblin’s shoes perfectly, color this pair with purple fabric paint
6 Purple Gloves Green Goblin also wears a cool pair of purple gloves.
7 Brown Leather Belt To add a little dimension and shape to his otherwise shapeless costume, Green Goblin has on a brown leather belt around his waist. Add a brown leather bag to side where Green Goblin stores his deadly weapons.
8 Small Pumpkin Prop Green Goblin loves his Halloween-themed weapons. Bring along this small pumpkin to scare people with.
9 Mask To look like Green Goblin, you’d definitely need a mask. Just cut off or hide the bowler hat and remove the red facial hair from this mask, and you’re good to go!

If it’s Halloween, then there’s no villain more apt than the Green Goblin. He was created to be the archenemy of Spiderman in the comics and was a huge success when he made his way into the big screen as well. Completely unhinged and mental, Green Goblin might just be the most dangerous enemy Spiderman ever encountered.

He might’ve had a costume upgrade in the films, but Green Goblin’s classic costume is still the outfit that many die-hard fans would associate with him. Think green and purple and kaboom! You have the Green Goblin. Here’s everything you need to look like Green Goblin.

About the Green Goblin

Green Goblin (and Norman Osborn) was played by actor Willem Dafoe during the 2002 film adaptation of Spiderman.

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