Lady Sif (Thor) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Lady Sif’s Costume from Thor

Lady Sif fills in her role as a strong Asgardian well and it shows in her great costume. To cop her look, be sure to recreate her armored look with a silver or metallic corset paired with a red or brown gladiator-style skirt.

For her gear, add in a shoulder pauldron, arm guards, and a cape. Wear black leggings or tights under the skirt then finish with thigh-high boots. Throw in a brunette wig and sword as props.

This is how you can nail the look of one mighty Asgardian, Lady Sif:

Lady Sif Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Metallic Corset Start with a metallic or silver corset.
2 Gladiator Skirt Pair the corset with a gladiator-inspired skirt.
3 Shoulder Guard Get this shoulder guard.
4 Cape Top the look with this cape with the hood off.
5 Arm Guard Wear a brown wrist or gauntlet band
6 Black Tights Wear black tights or leggings.
7 Boots Match the tights with thigh-high black boots.
8 Brunette Wig Wear a brunette wig with soft curls
9 Sword and Shield Complete the outfit with this sword and shiled set.

About Lady Sif

Lady Sif is a character from Marvel. She is from Asgard and is known to have appeared in Thor.

Lady Sif is based from the Norse goddess of the same name. In the Marvel universe, she is a strong warrior and was in a relationship with Thor. Sif has seen battle but was exiled when she did not agreew with Thor’s vision. She soon dies after Loki and Ragnarok. When Thor restores the pantheon, Sif was reborn in the body of an elderly woman while Loki possessed her body. Eventually, Thor frees her from the old body and gave Sif back her former self.