Squirrel Girl Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Squirrel Girl’s Costume

Squirrel Girl Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown Tank Top Get a fit, plain brown tank top to wear.
2 Leather Jacket Top with a brown leather jacket with fur collar.
3 Brown Short Tights Pair up the top with a pair of brown short pants that fit you.
4 Tactical Belt Fasten a bright yellow tactical belt around you. You can also add a tactical bag to it.
5 Black Stockings Wear black stockings.
6 Fur Sneakers Put on a pair of fur sneakers in brown color.
7 Short Orange Wig Recreate Squirrel Girl’s hair with a short orange wig.
8 Squirrel Ear Headband and Tail Put on a squirrel furry headband and tail in brown shade.
9 Full Costume If you want to save time

The girl is called squirrel for a reason, and she owns it through her outfit. Squirrel girl wears a brown tank top, a brown crop jacket, brown shorts, a tactical belt, black stockings, and fur boots. She also has furry ears and a squirrel tail. Look good? Checkout our item list down here if you want to recreate the look!

About Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl, or Doreen Green, is a Marvel Comic fictional character, first appeared in the year of 1991. Doreen is a young superhero who needs to balance her life as a university student and crime fighter. As for her ability, hinted by her alias, she’s able to communicate with squirrels and that allows her to fight off super villains, cute and cool. At one point, she moves to New York city and works as a nanny to Danielle Cage, Luke Cageand Jessica Jones’ daughter.