Enderman (Minecraft) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Enderman Costume

Enderman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Enderman Block Head Wear an Enderman block head to easily look like an Enderman.
2 Black Leotard Wear a black leotard so that your whole body looks like and Enderman’s.
3 Black Shoes Stick to the black theme and wear black shoes.
4 Cardboard Use cardboard to create the pixelated land block that the Enderman carries.
5 Acrylic Paint Use different colors of green and brown to create the pixel effect on your cardboard prop.
6 Beanie if you dont’ want to wear mask, improvise with this beanie

If you glimpse the Enderman while you’re playing Minecraft, run. Run far away and don’t you dare look at him. Endermen are known to be aggravated when you stare at any part of their body (especially their purple eyes).

Endermen are easily recognized. They are black pixel men, with long arms and long legs. They have purple eyes and are surrounded by purple specks. Here’s everything you need to look like an Enderman.

About Enderman

An Enderman is a black mob that can be found in the End of the video game, Minecraft. As long as you don’t attack or stare at them, they won’t harm you.

An Enderman can also teleport around the world and will become obsessively persistent if you stare at it wrongly.

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