Skeleton (Minecraft) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

If you see a skeleton, it might be better to run especially if you’re in the dark where they’re most likely to spawn. If it’s sun out, go there since you’re more likely to survive. But beware, skeletons can also respawn wearing armor which makes it all the harder to defeat.

A skeleton in Minecraft looks simple. He looks like a zombie except he’s all pixelated grey instead of green. Some skeleton’s also hold bows in their hands (good luck!). Here’s everything you need to look like a Skeleton from Minecraft.

How to Make Skeleton Costume

Skeleton Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Grey Sweater Wear a grey sweater to look like you have grey skin.
2 Grey Pants Match your top with equally grey pants to look like you’re grey all over.
3 Grey Shoes Stay on the grey color theme with a pair of grey shoes.
4 Skeleton Block Head Look like a mob from Minecraft with this Skeleton blockhead.
5 Bow and Arrow Bring along a Minecraft pixelated bow and arrow as your weapon of choice.

About Skeleton

A skeleton in Minecraft is a hostile mob and can be highly difficult to fight off if you don’t have a bow, a shield, or a really strong Smite sword.

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