Big Baby Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Big Baby’s Costume

A Big Baby costume is a certified winner in any costume party. To cop this cute look, be sure to wear a brightly colored shirt and white shorts. Get a white cloth to wrap around the waist in a diaper or nappy-style finish. Then secure a bib, a big hat or bonnet, and a drinking bottle as props.

These are easy items to cop to nail the big baby costume.

Big Baby Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Printed T-shirt Wear a printed shirt, preferrably in light color.
2 Shorts Pair the shirt with white shorts.
3 White Cloth Get a piece of white cloth and wear diaper-style or nappy-style.
4 Oversized Pins Secure the cloth with oversized pins, decorate the nappy with excess pins, too.
5 Bib and Bonnet Keep the look cute with this oversized bib and bonnet set.
6 Drinking Bottle Carry a milk bottle to complete the look!
7 Full costume You may also cop this big baby set.

About Big Baby

The Big Baby character is one of the fun options to wear for any Halloween or costume party. It depicts an adult who dresses like an infant complete with a bib and a nappy. This is an easy-to-pull-off costume as it can include any printed tee from your closet that just needs to be accessorized by bibs and a water bottle.

Big Baby characters appear to look like baby characters in the media such as Tommy Pickles from Rugrats and others.