Mime Artist Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Mime Artist 's Costume

Mime artists today have a very distinctive look with their outfit and makeup. Mimes wear a white shirt with black horizontal-stripes, dark pants, red suspenders, a red scarf, white gloves, a beret hat, and black leather shoes.

Don’t forget to paint your face with makeup, this is crucial! Do you like to recreate the Mime’s look? Checkout our item list down below!

Mime Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Shirt with Horizontal Stripes Get a long-sleeved white shirt with horizontal stripes to wear.
2 Dark Blue Pants Match the pants with the shirt.
3 Black Leather Boots Get a pair of black leather boots to wear.
4 Red Suspenders Wear red suspenders to hold up your pants.
5 Red Scarf Tie a red scarf around your neck.
6 White Gloves Put on a pair of white gloves.
7 Beret Hat Pick a beret in black, or dark colors, to wear.
8 Face Paint Paint your face all white and paint other colors on your face as you see this look.
9 Full Costume For Men Don’t want to spend time getting each item? Get this full costumes here.
10 Full Costume For Women If you want to be a girly mime , get this full costume.

Mime Artist Makeup Tutorial

About Mime

They’re artists who play with silence to create laughter. A mime or mime artist is a person who use mime as their medium in performances, using only body actions and movements without an utter of speech. In the past, such a performance is referred to be ‘mummer.’

This type of performance, like theater plays, can be traced back to as earliest as the ancient Greek era. It was also often seen in the western medieval time through Victorian, and today.