Dress Like Black Spider Costume for Halloween 2019

Costumet Team

If there’s one kind of spider that’s popular, it would probably the black house spider. This is the spider specie that most cartoons copy from. It was first introduces in New Zealand and Japan, but can also be found in the Americas.

Looking like a black spider is easy. You will need a black sweater, black pants, black shoes, and a black beanie. Buying black spider wings and squiggly eyes are also optimal. Here’s everything you need to look like a black spider.

How to Make Black Spider Costume

Black Spider Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Sweater A black long-sleeved shirt is a good base for your costume.
2 Black Joggers Match your top with a pair of black joggers.
3 Black Shoes Keep to the black theme with a pair of black shoes.
4 Black Beanie Use a black beanies as the base of your spider’s head.
5 Spider Leg Wings Instead of fairy wings, this pair of wings are additional spider legs.
6 Squiggly Eyes Paste as many squiggly eyes as you want on your beanie.
7 Spider Pet Harness Transform your pet into a spider with this pet harness.
8 Toddler Costume Set Make your baby look like a spider with this costume set.
9 Kid’s Hoodie Costume Turn your kid into a spider with this costume hoodie.
10 Women’s Hoodie Costume Look like a black widow with this costume hoodie.
11 Men’s Costume Set Turn into a full spider with this costume set.

About Black Spider

The common black spider was first described in 1872 by Ludwig Carl Christian Koch. Its scientific name is Badumna insignis.

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