Fish/Mermaid and Fisherman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Fish/Mermaid and Fisherman’s Costume

Checkout our items down below if you wish to recreate this couple’s costume.

Fisherman Costume

Fisherman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Plaid Shirt Look for a plaid shirt in any colors to wear.
2 Hunting Vest Top the shirt with a hunting vest.
3 Short Cargo Pants Match the top with a pair of short cargo pants.
4 Hunting Shoes Get a pair of hunting shoes to wear.
5 Outdoor Hat Look for an outdoor hat to wear.
6 Fishing Rod Prop Carry a fishing gear as a prop.
7 Yellow Rainsuit another common apparel worn by fishermen
8 Fish Toys you can stick some toys on your rod

Fish/Mermaid Costume

Fish/Mermaid Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Fish Scale Short Dress Get a shiny fish scale dress to wear.
2 Fish Scale Leggings Match the top with fish scale leggings.
3 Fin Headband Fetch a fin headband to wear.
4 baby onesie full costume for babies.
5 pet costume Orange fish costume for pets.
6 adult costume or get this funky fish costume for adults

As a couple costume, we have to deal with two different costumes. One is a fisherman costume for a man. He wears a plaid buttoned down shirt topped with fishing vest, short cargo pants, a hunting hat, and sneakers. The prop includes a fishing gear. To make a fisherman costume, wear a yellow rainsuit.

As for a fish/mermaid costume, a girl wears a scale-printed dress, scale-printed leggings, a fin headband, and high heels like a mermaid. You can also get fish costume for baby or pet to go along as a fish.

About Fish/Mermaid and Fisherman

This costume comes from many people’s favorite hobby, and that’s fishing. It’s nothing about the pop culture or full of history like many other costumes we did, but this costume is just full of fun for couples.

Imagine one person dresses up as a fisherman, while another dresses as a fish or a mermaid. More importantly, this duo costume is just super simple to recreate. Why go over think about you Halloween costume when you can create one that’s so cool and relatable!

Image Credit: Pinterest