Man in a Box Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Man in a Box costume

Man In A Box Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Shirt Wear a white shirt so you won’t look shirtless.
2 White Dress Shirt The white dress shirt is reserved for the fake man you’ll be making.
3 Black Pants Wear a pair of black pants to make it look like a headless man is carrying you.
4 White Sneakers Finish off your outfit with white sneakers.
5 Cardboard Box Ahh, the main part of the illusion! Don’t forget to attach a cardboard box to your outfit.
6 Styrofoam Use Styrofoam to make the base for your fake human torso.
7 Electric Tape Electric tape can be used to glue the base together as well as to ominously decorate your box.
8 Fake Blood Smear yourself and the box with fake blood to add a gory touch.

The Man in a Box costume is an ingenious outfit that most people choose for Halloween. It’s so versatile as well. You can theme it to your favorite show or just take from a generic idea.

You can turn into something whimsical, something funny, something horrific, and many more. Depending on your time and resources, this costume can also make for a great last minute costume.

Like what was stated above, the Man in a Box costume is highly customizable. For this outfit, let’s go for simple yet scary. All you will need is a white dress shirt, black pants, a cardboard box, and fake blood. Here’s everything you need to look like a Man in a Box.

About Man in a Box

Man in a Box is a popular Halloween costume that can easily be funny or creepy, depending on what the wearer prefers. It can be themed or generic which makes it such a common but fun choice.

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