Merman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Merman’s Costume

The Merman is a cool partner costume to any mermaid one. For those who wish to cop the Merman’s half-fish costume, look for a pair of leggings designed with scales. Then cop an abs-printed top if you do not want to go top less. Decorate the costume with a golden belt and matching golden cuffs, and add an optional wig. Carry a trident, too.

These are the pieces you can get to nail the Merman’s costume.

Merman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Abs Printed Shirt Cop this abs-printed shirt.
2 Scale Leggings Make this scale leggings the highlight of your costume.
3 Gold Belt Style the leggings with this belt.
4 Gold Wrist Cuff Then wear matching cuffs.
5 Optional Wig Wear an optional wig for an elderly merman look, or wear your hair as is for a younger Merman costume finish.
6 Trident Carry a toy trident.

About Merman

A Merman is a legendary creature and being best described as half-fish on the lower body, and half human on the upper side. They are male counterparts of Mermaids.

Stories about Mermen include of them sinking ships through great storms when showcasing their wrath. They also have a gentle side who has knowledge and wisdom. They may have also been beautiful creatures who could attract mortals.