Mermaid Man (SpongeBob SquarePants) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Mermaid Man Costume

Mermaid Man Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Snug-Fit Orange Long-Sleeved Shirt Crime fighting superhero uniform standards dictate that the hero wear an ultra-tight fitting long-sleeved top, and Mermaid Man isn’t one to pass this opportunity up. He wears his snug-fit top in a very bright orange color.
2 Plain Black Swim Trunks Mermaid Man follows the Superman trend by wearing his underwear on top of his pants, and his is plain black and scaly like a merman
3 Bright Green Tights He may not have the tail, but Mermaid Man compensates for this by wearing bright green tights that cover the whole of his legs.
4 Bright Yellow Belt His bright yellow utility belt is an important accessory which holds many bizarre powers. To make it look more like Mermaid Man’s, draw an ‘M’ on a piece of yellow cardboard paper and paste it to the belt buckle.
5 Purple Seashell Bra Most of Mermaid Man’s superpowers were given by mermaids so he pays them a homage by wearing a seashell bra.
6 Bright Green Gloves Mermaid Man wears bright green gloves as a great way to tie his costume altogether and to protect his hands from getting hurt.
7 Pink Fuzzy Slippers Retirement means relaxing. There’s nothing more relaxing than walking around in fuzzy slippers so that’s what Mermaid Man does.
8 White Hair wig Even superheroes get old and Mermaid Man now sports a mop of white hair.
9 Purple Face Paint To get Mermaid Man’s starfish breathing apparatus, draw a purple starfish over your nose using purple face paint.

Mermaid Man was one great superhero, and he’s lived a long, full life. He was living his later years peacefully in Sandy Shoals Rest Home when he and his sidekick Barnacle Boy were coaxed out of retirement. Although he can barely hear and his knees are creaking, Mermaid Man still wants to please his most loyal fans, namely SpongeBob and Patrick.

Mermaid Man wears on a tight orange shirt, black scaly briefs, green tights, and his gold utility belt. It’s also best to mention the starfish he wears as a breathing apparatus. Here’s everything you need to look like Mermaid Man.

About Mermaid Man

SpongeBob’s favorite superhero is a parody of famous DC superheroes, namely Aquaman and Batman. His costume is reminiscent of Aquaman’s in style and color. He also has control of sea animals like the underwater hero of the comics.

His gold utility belt has many functions and is inspired by Batman’s own multi-functional belt. Mermaid Man’s beloved Invisible Boat-Mobile was modeled after the Batmobile and Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet.

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