Two-Person Horse Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Two-person horse’ Costume

This two-man horse costume has pieces that can fit two people at once. It is a costume that can fit a standing person for the torso and the head of the horse, while another one crouches to give shape to the body and tail.

This is how you and your buddy can rock the horse costume:

Two Person Horse Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Horse Head Cop this horse head
2 Brown Fabric Cut two pieces of 4ft by 3ft cloth rectangles then shape one corner of each cloth into a curve. Sew them together but leave the longer edge (no curve) unsewn. Make sure the cloth falls like a poncho on the standing participants but wide enough to make sure the crouching partner is also covered. Cut another 2ft by 4ft cloth to make a cylindrical shape to attach to the end of the horse mask’s neck to make the parts from the neck down Is covered, too.
3 Brown Faux Fur You may also get more fancy and cut this furry fabric instead.
4 Fuzzy Pants You and your partner can rock this fuzzy pants.
5 Brown Pants Or this simple brown pair.
6 Hoof Weat these hoof add-ons
7 Tail Pin a tail on the crouching partner’s back side.
8 costume set You may also get this two-person horse costume.

About Horse

A horse is a mammal from the family of Equidae. They were wild animals who were domisticated by humans. They were used for transportation before the vehicles were invented.

The two-man horse is a hit in children’s parties and can set the fun mood in any costume party, too!