Celia Mae (Monsters Inc.) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Celia Mae (Monsters Inc.) Costume

Celia Mae Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Magenta Full Body Suit Start out your striking costume by donning this magenta full body unitard.
2 Green Sequin Sleeveless Short Dress Get the effect of Celia’s dazzling attire by wearing this green sequin sleeveless short dress.
3 Bluish Puffy Boas Add a touch of elegance to your outfit by adorning your neck with a round puffy collar using this bluish boa.
4 Purple Zentai Mask with Mouth Opening Wear this purple Zentai Mask over your head as the base for your head details.
5 Snake Headband Pick this snake headband to introduce Celia’s unique hairstyle.
6 Magenta Fabric Paint Color your snake-hair with this magenta fabric paint.
7 Purple Shoes Clad your feet with this comfortable purple shoes.
8 Paper Mache Use some papier mache to DIY your octopus feet.
9 Purple Paint Color your octopus feet purple and bask in the full effect of your striking costume.
10 Full Costume Set Secure this full costume set instead, so there’s no need to collect all the pieces you need separately.

Celia is the sweetheart gorgon-cyclops-medusa-like girlfriend of Mike Wazowski and receptionist at Monsters, Inc. She is a slender magenta monster with 5 snakes as her hair, and a single aquamarine blue eye just like Mike’s. Her snakes express their emotions with the sounds that they make and often reflect whatever emotion Celia feels, but they still appear that they have minds of their own.

Celia is an interesting looking monster. She wears snakes on her head, and a green short sleeveless dress with scale print design and a bluish green puffy collar.

About Celia Mae

Celia was voiced by Jennifer Tilly. Tilly is also known for her roles in Bride of Chucky, Bound, Bullets Over Broadway, and Family Guy.

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