Nisi and Mickey's (B.A.P.S.) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Nisi and Mickey’s Costume from B.A.P.S.

For Nisi costume

Nisi Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Orange Body Suit You can opt to start the look with this piece.
2 Orange Top Or wear this top as a separate piece.
3 Orange Pants Pair the top with these pants, too.
4 Cardigan Add a layer of cardigan to the outfit.
5 Belt Don’t miss out on the shiny belt, too.
6 Heart Earrings Add more shine to the look with these earrings.
7 Press-On Nails Match your earrings with these nails.
8 Heels For your shoes, you can also wear this clear pair.
9 Beehive Wig Nail her blonde updo with this wig.

For Mickey costume

Mickey Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Leopard Print Top Add this printed top to the costume.
2 Leopard Print Tights Keep the printed look strong with these leggings.
3 Black Wig Gather lhe loose hair on this wig into a higher or tighter updo.
4 Feathers Add volume to the hair with these black feathers.
5 Hair Rings Keep the look shiny with hair clips all over the wig.
6 Yellow Heels For your heels, you can also wear this yellow block-heeled ones.
7 Press-On Nails Match your nails with Nisi and get these on your nails, too.

Nisi’s costume is an-orange stunner featuring either a bodysuit or a top-and-pants combo layered with a cardigan. She wears a shiny belt and a pair of clear heels. For her hair, she’s got a blonde beehive-inspired hair style. Meanwhile, Mickey went for a full animal-print look. She styled her leopard-inspired pieces with yellow heels and a big hair style with gold accents. All of these ladies’ nails are in gold, too.

About B.A.P.S.

B.A.P.S. is an American film and is short for Black American Princesses. It stars Halle Berry as Denise aka Nisi and Natalie Desselle whose character name is Tamika or Mickey. They both work in a soul food diner and they dream of owning their own combination hair salon and restaurant business. They both learn of a contest where a video girl can win 10,000 USD. The films follow their pursuit of their dream.