Hansel & Gretel (The Witch Hunter) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make a Hansel & Gretel Costume

Hansel And Gretel Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Medieval Shirt Let’s start with Hansel. Get a shirt with medieval touch to wear.
2 Long Black Coat Top your shirt with a long black coat made of leather.
3 Leather Pants Find leather pants in dark color that match you.
4 Leather Boots Select dark leather boots to pair with your outfit.
5 Corset Now for Gretel. Look for a medieval full body corset in dark color.
6 Leather Jacket Top the corset with dark leather jacket.
7 Leather Skinny Pants Find a pair of leather skinny pants in dark color to wear.
8 Leather Boots Match your outfit with dark colored boots.
9 Finger-less Gloves Find a pair of black finger-less gloves for both character.
10 Brown Belt Get a brown belt to wear on top of both characters’ costume.
11 Crossbow Gun Prop Get a crossbow gun prop for both characters.

Forget about the cute village kid’s costumes because we go dark in this article for now both Hansel & Gretel are deadly witch hunters. Hansel wears a long black leather jacket on top of a period white shirt, dark leather pants, and dark leather boots.

While Gretel wears a black leather jacket over her corset, dark skinny leather pants, and dark brown boots. We also add some accessory and prop to the look as well. Sound fun and cool? Checkout our item list down below to see what do you need for the look!

Hansel & Gretel Costume for Children

If you are looking for costumes based on Grimm Brothers fairy tale then traditional Bavarian outfit should be perfect.

About Hansel & Gretel

As a classic tale, Hansel & Gretel has been known widely to kids and adults alike. They were unfortunate siblings who were lured into the gingerbread house set by a witch as a trap for young ones.

She meant to eat them, but with wit and bravery, they fought the evil hag, killed her, and broke free. Then comes the 2013 Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, a live action movie which depicts and interprets the adult life of both siblings as professional witch hunters.

In this adaptation, Hansel is portrayed by Jeremy Renner, while his sister Gretel is played by Gemma Arterton. Both come across a mysterious case in a random town where people are believed to be killed by witches. What they discover next lead them to darkest night of their past.