Mia & Sebastian (La La Land) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Mia & Sebastian’s Costume

Mia & Sebastian Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Dress Find a bright yellow dress with no sleeves.
2 Oxford Saddle Shoes Match the dress with a pair of oxford saddle shoes.
3 Red-Orange Medium Length Wig Recreate Mia’s hairstyle with a wig.
4 White Buttoned Down Shirt Find a plain white shirt with long sleeves.
5 Black Tie Look for a long and slim black tie to wear.
6 Dark Pants Match the shirt with a pair of dark formal pants.
7 Black Belt Fasten your pants with a black belt.
8 Oxford Shoes for Men Pair your outfit with oxford shoes.
9 Leather Watch Look for a leather belt watch to wear.

It is not a surprise to see that Mia and Sebastian dress so nicely because they live in LA, and are having careers in an entertainment business!

In this article, Mia wears a comfortable and cute yellow dress and oxford saddle shoes. Sebastian wears a long sleeved white shirt with a black tie, black pants, a black belt, and oxford shoes.

If you want to recreate this star couple look, checkout our list down below on what item do you need to get!

About Mia & Sebastian

Amid the city that full of drama and manipulation, love still blooms for these dreamers, Mia and Sebastian.La La Land, a 2016 comedy-drama-music film, tells a love story between Mia, an actress played by Emma Stone, and Sebastian, a pianist played by Ryan Gosling.

The film received a tremendous number of box office worldwide, it also receives critical acclaims and Oscar recognition. Beside the movie itself, the score and original soundtracks are also worth praising.