Scuba Steve (Big Daddy) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Scuba Steve Costume

Scuba Steve Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Long-Sleeved Shirt Use a red long-sleeved shirt as the top portion of your wetsuit. Cut up a yellow shirt in Scuba Steve’s pattern for more detail.
2 Red Pants Match your shirt with a pair of red pants and use it as the bottom portion of your wetsuit.
3 Yellow Beanie Instead of a helmet, Scuba Steve wears a yellow beanie.
4 Yellow Fins Look like a proper scuba diver by wearing a pair of yellow fins.
5 Yellow Gloves Scuba Steve wears a pair of yellow gloves to protect his arms.
6 Black Goggles Scuba Steve can see under the water because of his black goggles.
7 Water Tank Accessory Use this water tank accessory for Scuba Steve’s oxygen tank and paint it a bright yellow.
8 Costume Set Why bother DIY-ing if you can get this costume set instead?

While Scuba Steve was not a real-life character in the film, his brief but hilarious cameos made him memorable to the fans of the film, Big Daddy. Scuba Steve was an action figure in the film that Julian plays with. Sonny also impersonated Scuba Steve to bring him to life.

Scuba Steve wears a yellow and red wetsuit, yellow gloves, yellow flippers, a black harness housing yellow tanks, a yellow beanie, and black goggles.

About Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve was actually a nod to one of Adam Sandler’s toys during his childhood, Diver Dan. Diver Dan also makes a brief cameo in the film, Problem Child, which was also directed by this film’s director, Dennis Dugan.

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