Van Helsing Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Van Helsing Costume

Van Helsing Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shirt, button-up, brown Van Helsings outfit is mostly brown or black, it makes sense that his first layer clothing would also be brown.
2 Pants, cargo, brown These cargo pants are very versatile and look like they would be great for some heavy-duty monster hunting.
3 Vest, leather This super cool leather vest is exact to the one Van Helsing himself wears and also acts as a sort of leather armor.
4 Duster, leather, long Van Helsing’s long, strappy duster coat is the perfect coat to shield yourself from monster attacks as well as keep several weapons hidden under.
5 Hat, cowboy-style, worn This worn brown cowboy-style hat is Van Helsing’s staple hat that he is seen wearing most of the time.
6 Pistols, western-style, costume Van Helsing’s main weapons are these western-style pistols.
7 Watch, pocket One of Van Helsing’s few accessories that he keeps with him tucked into his vest pocket.
8 Boots, knee-high, brown Finish your Van Helsing costume with these epic knee-high brown leather boots. These boots add an extra hardcore element to the costume.

Van Helsing may be a vampire and monster hunter as his profession, but on the outside he looks very Western and has a style reminiscent of a cowboy or an outlaw in the Wild West. Thought his style may be Western-inspired, is certainly works well for him when hunting monsters.

He wears a thick leather duster coat and leather vest that doubles as leather armor, as well as tall leather boots perfect for hunting and fighting monsters in. Other than that, he wears a cowboy hat, cargo pants, a brown button-up, and carries Western-style pistols as his weapons.

About Van Helsing

Van Helsing is an American Horror film made in 2004 as a sort of homage to the classic monster horror movies of the 1940s and 30s. In the movie, Van Helsing, played by Hugh Jackman, goes on a trip to hunt legendary monsters such as Count Dracula and Frankenstein.