Rufio (Hook) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Rufio Costume

Rufio Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Tank Top Wear a black tank top as the base of your Rufio costume. Make sure to crop it like his.
2 Black Ripped Pants Rufio likes his ripped black pants so wear ones that are distressed as well.
3 Black Vest with Fringe Don on a cool and exotically stylish black vest with fringe.
4 Red Boots Keep comfy with a pair of red boots.
5 Prehistoric Necklace Look like you truly live in the islands with a prehistoric necklace.
6 Black Arm Cuffs Keep your arms protected with a pair of black arm cuffs.
7 Red Mohawk Wig Don’t forget to wear a red Mohawk wig since Rufio’s hair is iconic.
8 Sword Get a pirate sword prop
9 Beads Use these beads to decorate the dress in voodoo style

When Peter Pan left, someone had to lead the Lost Boys. That’s why Rufio took up the daunting responsibility. Unlike Peter who was lenient and happy-go-lucky, Rufio was tyrannical and methodical. It’s just his own way of protecting the gang.

The most memorable thing about how Rufio looks is the red and black colors he wears. He has on a black tank top, black vest, black pants, red boots, black cuffs, and a cool (and iconic) red and black Mohawk. Here’s everything you need to look like Rufio.

About Rufio

Rufio was portrayed by Dante Basco in the 1991 film, Hook.

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