Roxie Hart (Chicago) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Roxie Hart’s Costume from Chicago

Here are some items you can get to rock Roxie Hsrt’s costume.

Roxie Hart Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Silver Dress Keep it shiny with this short silver dress.
2 Red Feather Boa Add a bright pop of red with this feather boa.
3 Sheer Gloves Keep it elegant with this pair of sheer gloves, too.
4 Blonde Wig This blonde wig will add a vintage appeal to the outfit.
5 Silver Shoes Complete the costume with this pair of shiny shoes.

You can look pretty in this Roxie Hart costume with a shiny silver dress. Then you can get sheer gloves to match, too. Add an accent to the look with a red boa feather scarf. Then finish the costume with a blonde wig and a pair of silver shoes.

About Roxie Hart

Roxie Hart is a character from play Chicago. Roxie dreamed of a vaudeville career when she was young and got into different relationships. She then dates Amos Hart whom she married but eventually broke off with. Roxie had an affair with a guy named Fred whom she shoots when he tried to break off their relationship.