Mommy Long Legs Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Mommy Long Legs Costume

Mommy Long Legs Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Pink Long Sleeve Body Suit Have the light pink complexion of your character by wearing this long-sleeved body suit.
2 Light Pink Leggings Match your top with this leggings to also have light pink legs.
3 Hot Pink Mini Tube Slip Dress Choose this strapless hot pink mini tube dress to highlight your svelte body.
4 Light Blue Belt Put on this belt as one of the many light blue accessories of Mommy Long Legs.
5 Light Blue Socks Wear this pair of light blue socks as well.
6 Hot Pink Shoes Be able to quickly catch your prey in style with this comfortable fashion sneakers.
7 Hot Pink Short Dress Gloves Accent your deadly hands with these short hot pink dress gloves.
8 Light Blue Bracelets Accessorize your look by adding light blue bracelets to your spidey wrists.
9 Light Blue Choker Make a fashion statement by donning this light blue choker necklace.
10 Hot Pink Long Wig Pick this long hot pink wig to have Mommy’s striking long hair.
11 Light Blue Scrunchie Fix your hair and use this light blue scrunchie to make your ponytail.
12 Pink Face and Body Paint Consider adding pink face and body paint to your remaining exposed skin.

Mommy Long Legs is the main villain in Chapter 2 (Fly in the Web) of the horror video game Poppy Playtime. She is the pink-complexioned, elastic and bendable-limbed, playful, and sadistic spider-like creature who tears victims and minions limb-from-limb and eat their organs.

Mommy Long Legs is psychotic, cruel, and murderous monster, but is kind to children. She wears a strapless hot pink mini tube dress, hot pink shoes, short hot pink gloves, light blue socks, a light blue choker and bracelets, and a light blue scrunchie tying her long hot pink hair.

About Mommy Long Legs

Mommy Long Legs was voiced by Elsie Lovelock. Lovelock is also known for her roles in Hazbin Hotel, Wargroove, Death Battle, and Remothered: Broken Porcelain.

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