Billy the Puppet (Saw) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Billy the Puppet Costume

Billy The Puppet Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Suit, black Billy is dressed in an all-black suit with a matching blazer and pant set.
2 Shirt, white, button-up Under his suit, Billy wears a simple white shirt in a classic dressy way.
3 Tie, handkerchief, red Billy wears mostly white and black, but there is lots of red also included as you can see from this bow-tie and handkerchief set.
4 Gloves, white To go along with his creepy, gentlemanly look, Billy wears gloves such as these.
5 Shoes, red Billy wears red shoes that add more of the threatening red color to his look. These shoes are very similar to his own shoes.
6 Billy, mask This Billy mask is important to making the costume accurate. Billy has a very iconic face with his puppet-like features and crazy black hair.
7 Trike, red Billy is often seen on a red tricycle and it is a cool addition to his costume.

Billy the Puppet has a very classic and vintage style to his look. He is also dressed mostly in black and white with bits of menacing red thrown in for a creepy element.

Since Billy is actually a puppet, his face is in the same style of a puppet, but with scary features like red eyes and crazy black hair.

For a Billy costume, the craziest thing you will need is a red tricycle because it is one of the most iconic parts of his look. Other than that, the rest of the costume is pretty simple.

About Billy the Puppet

Billy the Puppet can be said to be the face of the horror movie, Saw, franchise. Billy is a puppet used by the killer in the Saw movies to communicate or give orders to his victims.

Billy has no life of his own really, and is controlled by the Jigsaw Killer, or Tobin Bell, who plays the Jigsaw Killer. Billy is a very menacing figure nonetheless, and a very iconic figure in horror movie culture.