Sandy Cheeks (SpongeBob SquarePants) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Sandy Cheeks Costume

Sandy Cheeks Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Astronaut Jumpsuit This white astronaut jumpsuit is the perfect outfit to wear as an option for Sandy’s underwater breathing suit
2 Plain Gray Mid-Calf Boots Sandy wears a pair of plain gray mid-calf boots as part of her underwater suit. Just add one red circle on each boot to make it a perfect replica of Sandy’s.
3 Clear Neckless Bowl This clear bowl is a good alternative for Sandy’s underwater helmet. Just remember to practice extreme caution when cutting the neck larger and make sure that there are no sharp edges you can hurt yourself with.
4 Plain White Gloves Part of Sandy’s underwater suit is a pair of plain white gloves and this pair will be a great addition to your Sandy Cheeks costume.
5 Different Colored Felt Paper To create the purple flower atop Sandy’s helmet, use different colored felt paper. Shape it into a flower and paste it on top of your helmet. These felt papers will also be helpful when creating the blue and red stripes on Sandy’s suit, as well as her acorn patch.
6 Squirrel Tail After season one, Sandy’s tail is visible when she wears her underwater suit. This fake squirreltail is a great accessory to use in any Sandy Cheeks costume.

Sandy Cheeks is a very intelligent squirrel whose mission in the series is to study life underwater. She is also one of the few female characters in the series. This Texan scientist slash inventor is highly competitive and athletic, shown by her skills in the martial arts.

As a land creature living under the ocean, Sandy wears a white jumpsuit with a clear, glass helmet that supplies her with oxygen. Here’s everything you need to look like Sandy Cheeks.

About Sandy Cheeks

When Sandy was first introduced, the creators of the series planned her to be SpongeBob’s girlfriend. Although the audience has strong feelings about this two characters, there has never been concrete evidence that they may actually like each other romantically.