Darth Nihilus Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Darth Nihilus costume

Darth Nihilus Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Darth Nihilus Mask The most important piece of Darth Nihilus’ costume is definitely his mask. A white mask with few red and grey lines covers his face and keeps his scars from the past as secret. Fortunately, you can find pretty authentic replicas on the internet shops.
2 Mask Full Hood
3 Cloak Cape with Hood All Siths, as well as numerous other characters in the Star Wars franchise, wear this piece of clothes. Simply, it is a perfect piece for adventures.
4 Black Leather Boots Black, knee-high boots are another piece of this character’s outfit. Not only that matches the rest of the costume in terms of color, but also provides excellent stability, which is crucial for 1-on-1 combats.
5 Black Leather Gloves Just like Darth Vader, Darth Nihilus also prefer a completely covered body. This includes hands as well. So, find some leather gloves, it will be a great addition to the costume.
6 Red Lightsaber Finally, a red lightsaber! A primary weapon of Sith Lords.

Be on the Dark Side of the Force, Cosplay Darth Nihilus Costume

If you’re looking for a dark but effective costume, Darth Nihilus would be a perfect choice for you. Like many antagonists, this one is also trying to keep his painful past as a secret. One of his trademark pieces is a white mask that not serves just to cover his face but to make a powerful contrast to his completely black outfit.

Speaking of the outfit, cosplaying this character shouldn’t be complicated. Like all mysterious characters, he is completely in black, wearing a hooded cape, black tunic with wide belt, as well as loose pants, boots, and gloves. Of course, there is a red lightsaber as well.

Darth Nihilus was an ordinary human once. During the Mandalorian wars, he lost his whole family. He was probably the only one to survive the attack of the Mass Shadow Generator super-weapon. Still, it left unexpected consequences, so he eventually became one of the Sith Lords and one of the toughest Jedi exterminators ever.

About Darth Nihilus

If you wonder why Darth Nihilus wears a mask, here is the answer. He is actually one, or one of few to survive the attack of the Mass Shadow Generator. Still, this attack left consequences. He now has an insatiable need to feed on the Force, which is the main reason why he is on a constant hunt of the Jedi.

However, this great hunger was making him more and more fading in the physical aspect, so he decided to bounce his spirit with the mask and other pieces of clothes, to survive.

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